Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weekend at Rexburg

Well Ashley says it is again time for me to post something new - so here it is. Last weekend we went to Rexburg to attend Cameron's (Rob and Kaylyn's oldest) baptism. It also gave us the opportunity to spend time with Ash, Brandon, and Lucas. We had a lot of fun. On the 4th we went to the big parade in the morning and then to Rob's for a BBQ in the afternoon. The night was topped off by trying to light sparklers (they were the cheap kind that would not light). Lucas did hold one for a few seconds. Brandon then set off the one big firework we had. Lucas liked it until the end when it made a bunch of popping sounds. After that we went up by the temple to view the County fireworks. Very disappointing, but we had a good time just playing and taking some cool pictures of the Temple.

Saturday was the baptism which was great, then Cameron wanted to go eat at a pizza buffet. Must be a true Garrett!!!! The weekend was fun and it was great spending time with our family. Friday of this week, Kathy Lee and I travel to Nauvoo to visit mom and Dale with Rob's family. We are excited to be there, just not looking forward to the drive. I guess that is it for now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I know it is not "proper" to post twice in one day be we got good news from the doc today about the kidneys. The creatinine count came back today lower than two weeks ago so it appears at the moment the kidneys are not getting worse. We go back in a month to do blood work again and hopefully we will have good news then also.

Getting Started!!!

Well today is July 3rd and I thought I should try this blogging thing out. After I figure a few things out, I will start to post more often. We are excited that we are traveling to Rexburg, Idaho this afternoon for Cameron's baptism on Saturday. Of course that also means we get to spend time with Brandon, Ashley, and LUCAS!!! I will make sure to take some pictures and try to post things about our trip when we get back.

I will also use this forum to update any news regarding my kidney's. I guess that is about all for now, let's see if it works!